DHCP Support on L2 Switch

Tim Peiffer peiffer at umn.edu
Wed May 16 15:55:48 UTC 2007

No, the internal code that was referenced is extremely UMN centric.  
DHCP Option-82 is portable, and with a little wrapper code, you can 
develop the concept of session data fairly easily.  I am currently 
looking at Option-82 as a means of shutting down some of the polling 
that I am doing.


Ricardo Stella wrote:
> Tim Peiffer wrote:
>> We run an internal address tracking method that is accurate to within 2 
>> minutes of traffic inception on our net.  We do this by scraping arp 
>> tables on the routers, mac-address forwarding tables on switches, and 
>> inferring sessions of 'time to the IP to the MAC to the port to the 
>> jack/circuit'.  We do this at the scale of approximately 75,000 access 
>> ports.  We have searched for years for commercial products to do what we 
>> do - none were available that could scale or met our requirements.  DHCP 
>> Option-82 in an enforced environment brings all of the above attributes 
>> together (date/time, IP, MAC, circuit) and is accurate to within seconds 
>> of when the IP traffic comes on the wire.
> Is there any of these codes publicly available ?  TIA...

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