FQDN without DDNS

dubrowin.35433364 at bloglines.com dubrowin.35433364 at bloglines.com
Thu May 17 11:12:18 UTC 2007

I've been working hard on getting our DHCP implementation up and working.
 I have it all up and working with all the various types of phones and our
limited test is about ready for full implementation.  (We are replacing 1
Windows Server with 2 Linux Servers in a failover configuration).  We have
the servers in Nagios monitoring and we should know within a couple min of
any events with the servers.

The Windows admin is requesting FQDN in the
lease file.  Is that possible?  The only FQDN things I've been able to find
in any documentation is when dealing with DDNS, but the Windows clients will
be updating the DNS server directly and we don't need the DHCP server talking
to DNS.  So, is there a way to get the FQDN to show up in the leases file
instead of just the hostname?  Thanx for all your help in getting our system
up and running.


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