Short Leases for PXE-Clients

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Mon May 21 09:57:07 UTC 2007


Big vote here in support of this! There's already two options (deny
duplicated and one-lease-per-mac) which say they violate the standard,
so what's another one? ;-)

But seriously, this is a big problem, and it does need a decent



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> I'm using isc-dhcpd v.3.0.3 and have several PXE-clients. Because of
the PXE-boot these clients
> take two leases (one for the PXE-networkcard without an UID and one
for the OS with an UID).

Hi David,

Is there any chance of incorporating the patch, or at least its
functionality in the mainstream relase that will ignore the UID and just
use the MAC Address and have an option to enable it.  I know this is a
violation of the protocol but it seems to me there are enough people who
have environments where the behaviour (according to the protocol) causes
major issues.

We have struggled with this is our PC Labs (they use PXE) and our
Macintosh Labs (when they are netbooting). All our workarounds are a


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