DHCP Testing

Ted Lemon Ted.Lemon at nominum.com
Wed May 23 06:38:14 UTC 2007

On May 21, 2007, at 9:30 PM, Aggarwal Vivek-Q4997C wrote:
> Which Testing Tool can be used for testing the performance of DHCP
> Server

We had the same problem - there are a lot of clients out there, but  
none of them are really ideal for performance testing, and indeed  
it's quite easy to be fooled by a performance tester, because the  
speed of the DHCP server can easily be moderated by the client if you  
set things up wrong, and then you don't get very useful numbers.

We came up with a tool for testing that we've been pretty happy with  
- you're welcome to give it a try if you want: http://nominum.com/ 

As for testing strategies, I'm not aware of any formal DHCP  
conformance tests.   If you run the performance test against your  
server, that'll give you some idea that it basically functions, but  
there are lots of corner cases you might want to test for that  
wouldn't be covered by a performance test.

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