Quick Failover

Glenn Satchell Glenn.Satchell at uniq.com.au
Wed May 23 12:51:13 UTC 2007

>Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 10:45:57 -0500
>From: Keith Neufeld <keith.neufeld at wichita.edu>
>Subject: Re: Quick Failover
>On May 22, 2007, at 10:24 AM, Glenn Satchell wrote:
>> Except all the clients know the address of the old dhcp server, so  
>> when
>> they try to renew by directly contacting the dhcp server they will
>> fail. When the lease expires the client will fall back to DHCPDISCOVER
>> and broadcast for a dhcp server, they will find the new one, and it  
>> can
>> give them back the IP address they had before.
>At T2 (7/8 of lease duration), they should *broadcast* a DHCPREQUEST  
>and renew their leases with no interruption of service, yes?

It's been a long time since I read RFC2131, so forgive my oversite here :)

If the client does behave that way then there should be no problem at all.


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