Leases for fixed-address hosts not written to lease file?

Emmanuel Halbwachs Emmanuel.Halbwachs at
Wed May 23 13:11:21 UTC 2007


Steve van der Burg a écrit (Tue, May 22, 2007 at 01:45:49PM -0400) :
> doesn't show up in the leases file.  I can see that the lease is
> fine (by checking what the client gets), and all of my "normal"
> (ie. no fixed address, just regular dynamic address assignment)
> leases are logged just fine.

As a DHCP newbie, I was about to ask the very same question (didn't
RTFM much I admit), so I watch carefully the answers.

For the moment, I use this workaround to have roughly an idea of what
machine is a currently DHCP client :

    REGEXP="DHCPACK on 145.238"  (my prefix)
    grep -i "$REGEXP" $LOGFILE \
        | awk '{print $8}' \
        | sort -u \
        | sort -t . -n -k1,1 -k2,2 -k3,3 -k4,4 \
        > $FILE

And then some aggregation.

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