Automatic remove lease from pool

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed May 23 20:07:28 UTC 2007

Henrik Sterndorff Jessen wrote:

>I am using dhcp to dish out fixed addresses to users. All users are
>connected to cisco switch ports that act as a relay and therefore add
>option-82 information to the dhcp query. I don't know the mac addresses
>of the users.
>I am assigning a fixed address to each user using a configuration like:
>class "myClass" { match if (substring ((option agent.circuit-id),4,2) =
>09:02); }
>subnet netmask {
>	option routers;
>	pool { allow members of "myClass"; range; }

>Any way to force the dhcp server to automatically overwrite leases in
>this kind of setup?

Not at the moment.

There is a feature planned that would allow the administrator to use 
a different option for the database key (in this case 
agent.circuit-id) which would deal with that, but IIRC it didn't make 
it into 3.1

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