omshell "starts", "ends"

Craig craig5 at
Fri May 25 21:44:08 UTC 2007

David W. Hankins wrote:
> On Fri, May 25, 2007 at 02:00:51PM -0700, Craig wrote:
>> Why is omshell going away?
> Because OMAPI is going away.  In vast summary, the system is too
> arcane.  The problem you cited is just one of many.
> Architecturally, we don't think OMAPI is the right way forward.
>> Is there a "newer/better" tool coming?
> Yes, and they will coexist for a time.

What is the "time frame" for the new tool? (I.e. 4.x?)

I see dhcpctl in 4.0.0a1. But, it appears to connect to the omapi port.

Is there a reference you can point me to that discusses the new
architecture/tool? (web page... README... mail list archives... whatever)

The reason I am asking is because I prefer a perl API and was
considering giving the OMAPI perl module a "face lift". (At the very
least some more documentation.) So, if only a C api is going to be
provided with the dist, I'd like to start writing a basic perl interface.


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