SV: Missing option-82 log if "no free leases"

Lars Jacobsen lj at
Wed May 30 07:13:28 UTC 2007

> Henrik Sterndorff Jessen wrote:
>         log ( info,
> entMac,"|",LeasedIP,"|END"));
> }
> ##
My guess is that if just one of the parameters in the concat statement
is null then everything adds up to null. And because LeasedIP is null
then nothing is loged.

Maybe something like :
can solve your problem on logging.

And the possibility to bind a lease to something else than
hardware/client ID (like opt.82 CID/RID), seems like an issue ISC will
try to incorporate in a future release. 
Its not in 4.0x, though, maybe in 4.1 ;-)


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