Remote boot configuration -- and "authoritative" question.

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sun Nov 4 07:35:18 UTC 2007

At 18:50 -0700 3/11/07, Bill Moseley wrote:
>I have an existing LAN with a dhcpd server.  I  added a second
>server that has two NICs and dhcpd running.
>eth1 will be on the existing LAN and get its IP from the LAN's dhcpd server.
>I want to also run a dhcpd server on this new server to serve
>addresses for the subnet on this new machine's eth0.
>I'm only defining a subnet for the subnet on eth0:


>BTW - I'm not clear about setting "authoritative" on this new dhcpd server,
>     man dhcpd.conf
>     For every subnet which will be served, and for every subnet to
>     which the  dhcp  server  is *connected*,  there  must be one subnet
>     declaration, which tells dhcpd how to recognize that an address is
>     on that subnet.  A subnet declaration is required for each subnet
>     even if no addresses will be dynamically allocated on that subnet.
>*connected* is my emphasis.  From the docs it seems like this new
>dhcpd server would responsd with DHCPNAK, but that's not happening.  I
>assume that's because there's not subnet defined for the eth1 subnet.
>Should I add an empty subnet for the eth1 network?
>Should "authoritative" be config-wide, or should it be within the

it should be config wide, but the server should only be 'connected' 
to ETH0. You do this by adding ETH0 to the end of the command line 
that starts the server - how this is done varies by distribution.

Once you start the server listening only on ETH0, then as far as it 
(and it's config) are concerned, it is only 'connected' to ETH0.

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