ICMP echo request.

kenneth.reeves at verizon.com kenneth.reeves at verizon.com
Mon Nov 19 19:22:45 UTC 2007

	Thanks for your reply.  What you stated is what I expected the
answer to be.  And yes, I will give serious consideration to upgrading.

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Wow! 3.0.1rc9 is truly ancient. There were about another half dozen
release candidates before 3.0.1 came out, then we got to 3.0.6 and
3.1.0. So that would be 6 or 7 years old at least. You really, really,
really need to  upgrade.

The ping is "ping before offer" happens before offering an IP address.
That is, before replying to a DHCPDISCOVER.

When a renew comes in as a DHCPREQUEST, the device already has the IP
address, so a ping would always return true in this case.

In later versions an option was added to desable the


>Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 14:35:48 -0600
>From: <kenneth.reeves at verizon.com>
>Under what circumstances does the server ping an address to before
>assigning it to a client?  If I read the book correctly, it will always
>ping the client.  At first I thought it only pinged the address if
>was an expired lease. Then I thought, that it may want to check to see
>if somebody accidently statically assigned  an address in the pool to
>their client, not knowing it was in the pool.  In such situations, it
>good to ping no matter what the circumstances to determine if the
>address is in use.  Also, does it act differently, with regard to a
>ping, for a renew vs. a request?  I checked the archives as well, but
>didn't see anything there.   I am using DHCP Server V3.0.1rc9.  It
>great BTW.  If someone could direct me to an article or achieve, that
>would be great.
>Ken Reeves

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