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Thu Nov 22 23:47:04 UTC 2007

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Todd Snyder wrote:
 > I am looking to setup failover, but I found a line in the man
 > page that might throw that right out:
 >        Dynamic BOOTP leases are not compatible with failover,
 > and, as such, you need to disallow BOOTP in pools that you
 > are using failover for.
 > I am using the DHCP server to PXE boot servers to do installs
 > - does this fall in to the previous statement?
 > Does v4 do things differently?

As I read things, PXE doesn't use BOOTP.  I've denied dynamic BOOTP in
all of my pools, and PXE is working fine.  (Thanks David!)

The only failover-snag I hit setting up PXE was that my primary DHCP
server was (at the time) our only TFTP server.  If it goes down, PXE
goes with it.  The simple fix was to put a mirrored TFTP service on
the secondary DHCP server and have them hand out their own addresses.

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