a single subnet that is failing

Remzi AKYUZ remzi.akyuz at endersys.com.tr
Tue Nov 27 06:35:26 UTC 2007

Hello simon,

I am so sory.

How can dhcpd configure it?

can you explanation it.

Thanks a lot.

Simon Hobson wrote:

> Remzi AKYUZ wrote:
>> if your you dont have any interface on,
>> dhcpd could not serv for
> That is WRONG
> DHCP works fine over a WAN, all it requires is helper agents (aka
> BOOTP relay agent, aka DHCP relay agent) somewhere on each network
> that is not directly attached to the server. The OP did state that
> there were agents in place, and the log shows that the request was
> received via an agent.

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