use-host-decl-names AND get-lease-hostnames

Tarik Gasmi isnogoud at
Tue Nov 27 12:44:33 UTC 2007


i wanted to have the following configuration

1. globally names in host-declaration are used for fix known clients

use-host-decl-names on;

host foo {
  hwaddress ethernet <foomac>;

2. in dynamic Pools in Subnets:
dynamic clients should get their hostname by doing a DNS Lookup, so
switch get-lease-hostnames on ...

subnet netmask {
  option routers;
  option broadcast-address;
  option domain-name "some-domain";
  default-lease-time 600;
  max-lease-time 7200;
  get-lease-hostnames on;
  pool {
    failover peer "dhcp-failover";
    deny dynamic bootp clients;
    allow unknown-clients;
    filename "/tftpboot/pxelinux.0";

but unknown dynamic clients don't do a DNS Lookup to get their hostname

thank you in advance and best regards,

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