Configuration & Running of DHCP server in a Solaris Container

Paul Cassidy Paul.Cassidy at Sun.COM
Sat Sep 8 16:36:20 UTC 2007


thanks but got the same error with and without this in the conf file


Simon Hobson wrote:
> Paul Cassidy wrote:
>> I'm trying to run the dhcp server in a Solaris 10 container/zone. The 
>> server has built and
>> installed without issue. But I am unable to start the server as it 
>> cannot find the loopback
>> interface lo0.
>>         subnet netmask {
>>         }
> Why are you trying to serve addresses on the loopback interface ? Try 
> removing this subnet declaration and see what happens.
> My guess is that the server is seeing that this subnet is attached to 
> an aliased interface and is trying to lookup the parameters of the 
> base (real) interface it would normally be based on.

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