Global Scope (fwd)

Keith kwoody at
Tue Sep 11 18:49:52 UTC 2007

Have a server running:

Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server V3.0.1

We use a shared subnet as this serves up IP's to cable modems and the
computers attached to the cable modems. Have multple /24's on the same

Moving to a new dhcp server V3.0.5.

Ive copied over the dhcpd.conf file, the leases and the includes that we
use in the conf file.

The includes have host declarations in them:

host NIFCS-NW1 {
        hardware ethernet 00:0d:88:f1:97:df;
host zicharon {
        hardware ethernet 00:0b:db:92:f2:7d;
host DI-604 {
        hardware ethernet 00:0f:3d:01:69:c6;

This is for 'static' ip addressing and for regular hosts, including both
cable modem and customer computers.

host cm_00e06fb5def6 {
        hardware ethernet 00:e0:6f:b5:de:f6;
        filename "/docsis/TER/SOHO_TER_1.1_1.cdm";
host cm_000ce532e68e {
        hardware ethernet 00:0c:e5:32:e6:8e;
        filename "/docsis/MOT/LITE_MOT_1.1_1.cdm";

When starting dhcpd v3.0.5 I get this warning:

dhcpd: WARNING: Host declarations are global.  They are not limited to the
scope you declared them in.

This didnt happen with 3.0.1. Have not gone live on the new dhcp server
yet but wondering about the error. From what I have read I dont think its
anything to be concerned about but just want to make sure as in the years
Ive been running dhcpd (about 5 now) Ive not come across this error.


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