Help with class declarations, bad lease options

Chris De Young chd at
Thu Sep 13 22:42:55 UTC 2007

> Read the current thread "Global Scope (fwd)" - I think you have
> essentially the same problem.
> Your client has a vendor client identifier of (for example) "Cisco AP
> c1130" so it matches class "4 Cisco AP c1130". Because this class is
> defined within a subnet then members of that class inherit options from
> that subnet. The fact that your client is actually in a different subnet
> doesn't matter - because like host statements, I think class definitions
> are global in scope. Well almost global - they are global in how they
> behave, but can inherit options from where they are defined.
> The only safe way to deal with this is to define classes in the global
> scope. This does probably mean that you will have to rethink some of
> your strategies for defining client & subnet specific options.

Yep -- that does appear to be it exactly.  Thanks!!


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