failover with 3.1.0, daemon quietly dies

Robert Gehr robert.gehr at
Fri Sep 14 08:37:24 UTC 2007

Thanks mate, that was it. Works all right now.

dhcp-users-bounce at wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 12, 2007 at 10:28:39AM +0200, Robert Gehr wrote:
>> Sep 11 16:05:12 bafs2 dhcpd: failover peer bafs2: I move from
>> communications-interrupted to startup
>> Sep 11 16:05:12 bafs2 dhcpd: Failover CONNECT from unknown: unknown
> server
>> Sep 11 16:05:11 baadm1 dhcpd: failover peer baadm1: I move from startup
>> to communications-interrupted
> 'bafs2' and 'baadm1' do not match.  I think the 'CONNECT from unknown'
> log message could be improved - we get the remote system's peer name,
> we can log that it doesn't match any configured name.
> Anyway.
> In 3.1.0, we synched the failover implementation up to draft level
> 12 (coming short in a few details).  One of the details we complied
> with was that failover relationships be identified by name - not by
> peer IP address as was done in 3.0.x.
> This means that two systems with the same peer IP addresses can have
> multiple failover relationships (and then multiple TCP sockets) if
> you choose.  It also means that we'll be able to add failover
> authentication soon (the peer name is a sort of 'username' half of
> the authentication).
> But it also means that the failover peer 'name' fields have to match
> on both sides (which they were supposed to all along).
> Shutdown one server.  Edit dhcpd.conf to the remote system's peer
> name.  Edit dhcpd.leases and search for 'failover peer "name" state',
> and change it as well.
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