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I want to have realtime information for all DHCPACK and DHCP_RELEASE events.
I am currently piping the DHCP server log entries to a Java application
listening on a socket. Ideally I would like to use a server API, so that I
can subscribe to these events mentioned and only send the ACK and RELEASE
events over to my application. This allows me to create a C/C++ application
that interacts with my Java program the way I want and maybe have a look at
using the JDHCP API, something like:

DHCP SERVER --> Custom application interested in ACK and RELEASE events -->
XML/RPC --> Java Web Services (using JDHCP)

I am not sure if the dhcpctl API allows me to do these things. What it will
do is to expose a number of objects and their lease state, good stuff, but I
will need to ask for it instead of me getting it realtime.

On 14/09/2007, Shane Kerr <Shane_Kerr at isc.org> wrote:
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> Werner,
> Werner Otto wrote:
> > good stuff, a starting point. Would you know how I go about obtaining
> > DHCP Request and Offer packets. I guess hours of reading will give me
> > the answer, but that is what you guys are here for ;-). Last one I
> > promise...
> ISC DHCP does not currently have hooks on the server side to do packet
> inspection like that. I think it is possible to compile the server to
> execute a
> program on every packet, this might work for you.
> I think the best thing may be for you to let us know what you are trying
> to do,
> rather than asking us about specific mechanisms to do things like they are
> done
> in the Windows world. :)
> If you really need to look at each Request or Offer packet, one of our
> project
> folks can talk to you about your requirements off-list.
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