Vista keeps name server options from previous lease

Kirsten Petersen kirsten.petersen at
Fri Sep 14 21:40:47 UTC 2007

I realise this is probably not a ISC-DHCP issue, but if anyone has seen 
this and can provide insight, I would appreciate it.

Our residence halls have a range where they hand out leases to unknown 
clients.  They also hand out a name server option different from the 
campus ones.  This name server redirects all requests to a registration 
page.  Once registered, the clients get a new lease, with the usual name 
servers, and go along their merry way.

We also have a wireless network in the residence halls.  What we are 
seeing with Vista clients is this: the client picks up a lease from the 
wireless network and gets the options for the main campus name servers. 
Then, the user plugs into a wired port in the residence hall and gets a 
new lease from the dhcp server on that network.  However, their name 
server option does not get updated.  Thus, they don't get redirected to 
the registration page, because they are talking to the wrong nameservers.

So, what seems to be happening is that Vista is keeping the name server 
options from a previous lease.  I haven't been able to find anything in 
the archives pertaining to this issue with Vista.  Has anyone else come 
across it?  Is it a Vista bug?

All of the dhcp servers are running 3.0.4.

Thanks in advance.

Kirsten Petersen
Network Services * Oregon State University * #osu-is
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