Vista doesn't ack dhcp offer

Doug Tucker tuckerd at
Wed Sep 19 14:25:28 UTC 2007

My apologies, I didn't make myself clear.  You are correct, there is
NOTHING about a broadcast bit issue in regard to the dhcp server.  Vista
has changed the client to expect broadcast, as the link to the Microsoft
Knowledge Base article details, and it is the turning off of this in the
registry that fixes the problem for us.  I was trying to tackle it from
the other perspective since we flatly cannot change registry settings in
every student Vista laptop that comes through the door.  So, by reading
the man pages, I found a broadcast always setting for dhcpd.conf, and my
understanding of that (and it may be incorrect as it did NOTHING to help
the problem), is that by setting that, it would tell the dhcp server to
send the offer in broadcast instead of unicast, what I thought the Vista
client was expecting.  Again though, this did not fix our issue.

While we do have dhcp relay on our routers for the rest of the network,
the network in question is our wireless network, which is segregated.
Clients connect to access points that do not do dhcp.  DHCP is done on
the gateway/router for the subnet, which is a debian linux box running
3.0.4 isc dhcp.  So in this case, all clients are on the same subnet as
the dhcp server.

On Tue, 2007-09-18 at 17:56 -0400, John Wobus wrote:
> We run isc-dhcpd-V3.0.4.
> Can you post a couple of the URLs you found?  When I google
> +vista +isc dhcp, I don't see anything about a broadcast bit issue.
> Are you relaying?  If so, what is doing the relaying?
> John Wobus
> Cornell University
> On Sep 18, 2007, at 5:33 PM, Doug Tucker wrote:
> > If you google +vista +isc dhcp , you'll see what a big problem this is.
> > User forums all over the place are filled up with this.  I'm very
> > interested to understand what is different about your config that you
> > are not having this problem.

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