Vista keeps name server options from previous lease

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Where did you come up with this workaround? 


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Kirsten Petersen wrote:
>> What we are
>> seeing with Vista clients is this: the client picks up a lease from the
>> wireless network and gets the options for the main campus name servers.
>> Then, the user plugs into a wired port in the residence hall and gets a
>> new lease from the dhcp server on that network.  However, their name
>> server option does not get updated.  Thus, they don't get redirected to
>> the registration page, because they are talking to the wrong nameservers.

>This sounds like you're running into an issue that's been brought up a
>of times, so far with no resolution.  If you search through the list
>for a thread with a subject of "dhcpinform request from Vista gets wrong
>servers" you'll see all the details, but the short version is that the dhcp
>server uses a slightly different set of logic to calculate what options
>be returned to DHCPINFORM requests than DHCPDISCOVER ones.


There is a workaround that works much of the time but not all. Vista always
does a dhcpinform request but does not always include the nameserver option
in the request. It seems that the trigger for including the nameserver
option is a failure to resolve IPv6 tunnel coordination server names. The
workaround is to define the servers in your captive DNS. It may not always
be required that they are reachable. As an aside, I was not amuzed to look
up how destructive a teredo is.

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