Server not honoring "deny unknown-clients" for DHCPINFORM?

Chris De Young chd at
Thu Sep 27 17:47:42 UTC 2007


I have my server configured only to give service to clients whose MAC addresses
are known, via "deny unknown-clients;".

However, it appears that the server still answers DHCPINFORM messages anyway.
This is a problem because a client will get a DHCP lease from a local server
with correct parameters (my server correctly ignores the initial DISCOVER...
conversation), but then sends a DHCPINFORM a bit later, and my server answers
with incorrect parameters for its environment.

If the client is unknown and "deny unknown-clients;" is in effect, shouldn't
DHCPINFORM messages be ignored as well?

I'm running version 3.0.3, but I didn't see any mention of this issue in the
changes for later releases.  Is this something that's changed in a later release?


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