Expiring leases

Stulic,Damjan damjan.stulic at edwardjones.com
Tue Apr 1 21:24:10 UTC 2008

Simon, David, 
This statement is in use.
Hosts are mostly xp workstations and 3com switches. I will take a closer
look at what is going on.
Thank you for pointing this out for me!

Damjan Stulic
IS Security Identity Management

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Stulic,Damjan wrote:
>My problem stems from the use of virtual ip.
>While dhcpd listens on that ip, it sends out packets from physical ip.
>Clients use that ip as their dhcp server. Then we swap servers, virtual
>ip moves, but clients still use the old ip to communicate on t1 and t2.
>so on lease expire they broadcast hit a new server and get a new lease.
>As far as I know there is no know solution for "multiple ips per
>interface" problem. Right?

I believe "server-identifier" should do what you want, specify the 
virtual IP to be used in outgoing packets.

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