DHCP and 2 subnets

Chris Arnold carnold at electrichendrix.com
Sun Apr 6 11:01:41 UTC 2008

Using SLES10 SP1 and dhcp-server-3.0.3-23.33. We have 2 subnets:
Dhcp-server is configured on 1 NIC. We have a juniper firewall that connects 
the 2 subnets.
What we are trying to accomplish:
DHCP to clients on both subnets via this 1 dhcp server, which is on 
DHCP is configured and working on the 192.168.124.x network but i can not 
figure out how to get dhcp to the 192.168.123.x network. I have tried both 
shared-subnet and shared-network in the dhcp.conf file but the log tells me 
that this config spans multiple networks and does not start. How do i 
configure dhcp for both of these networks?

This config gives me a 192.168.124.x ip on a client that is on the 
192.168.123.x network (this client should get a 192.168.123 ip):
option domain-name "domain-here";
option domain-name-servers 192.168.123.x;
option ntp-servers 192.168.123.x;
ddns-update-style none;
subnet netmask {
option routers 192.168.124.x;
default-lease-time 14400;
max-lease-time 172800;
subnet netmask {
option routers 192.168.123.x;
default-lease-time 14400;
max-lease-time 172800;

Thanks for any help with this.


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