Linux clients working, XP not.

Jeff Sumner Jeff.Sumner at
Fri Apr 11 16:04:08 UTC 2008


Can someone point me to any documentation for troubleshooting why Linux
clients would work with a particular configuration from an implementation of
ISC DHCP but XP clients won't?

I see packets coming in and going out of the DHCP server via a sniffer, but
the XP clients won't send an ACK, where the Linux boxes will.

The XP clients don't get addresses.

I'm poking around Google, and see several instances of folks having problems
with this, but no fixes are listed- the threads just die off. It seems that
sometimes XP reboots fix the trouble, but that's not helping here. Again,
Linux guests work fine, to the point of DDNS working extremely well.

Someone brought an XP workstation into the lab and suddenly, we have a
troubleshooting opportunity!

Server versions tried are DHCP3.1.1rc1, 3.1.0 and 3.0.6. Host is AIX 5.1 and
built with GCC.

Network is private, 192.168.0. Many options defined, but nothing seems to
get the XP boxes to ACK.


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