DHCP and 2 subnets

Chris Arnold carnold at electrichendrix.com
Sat Apr 12 01:02:13 UTC 2008

>Notice that the last two clients have 7 octets in their hardware
>address? That 1 at the beginning is a media type, 1 is ethernet, 4
>token ring I think, and there are others for FDDI, etc.

>You need to list subclasses like this:

>       subclass "123 DHCP Clients" 1:00:0B:DB:C8:B1:71;

>Well, this is getting away from your original issue but you probably
>want to add router (aka default gateway) specifications to your two
>subnet stanzas; so your hosts will know how to reach the other IP subnet.
>Otherwise it looks good. 

Well, it is with much thanks to you all on the dhcp list that i energetically tell you that this works now :))
The only thing i have noticed is on clients on the 123 network, it takes a long time to get an IP (like minutes); longer than clients on the 124 network. Is there any reason you can think of when looking at the config:
 option domain-name "domain here";
 option domain-name-servers 192.168.123.x;
 option ntp-servers 192.168.123.x;
 ddns-update-style interim;
 default-lease-time 14400;
 max-lease-time 172800;

 Class "123 DHCP Clients" {
     match hardware;

 subclass "123 DHCP Clients" 1:00:0B:DB:C8:F1:71;
 Shared-network EH {
        subnet netmask {
          option routers 192.168.123.x;
          pool {
            allow members of "123 DHCP Clients";

        subnet netmask {
           option routers 192.168.124.x;
          pool {
            deny members of "123 DHCP Clients";

On the dns updating side----i have searched the archives of the list and read the man pages and see where there is only 2 ways and 1 does not work (ad-hock). So you can see from the config file i have interim; but i still am unable to ping a dhcp client. Any ideas on this?
Thanks again for all your help.


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