Linux clients working, XP not. -errata!

Anton Lundin glance at
Sun Apr 13 12:26:10 UTC 2008

I have some patches to use pcap/bpf and ndd-sockets on aix.

The problem is that the bpf-driver in aix is seriosly broken. It fiddles
away a pointer somewere in kernelspace, and then its just to pray/reboot
to fix the problem.


On 11 April, 2008 - David W. Hankins wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 01:22:56PM -0400, Jeff Sumner wrote:
> > Okay, sorry for the conversational tone- but this is indeed what I¹m seeing
> > from the RS/6000- responses sent to
> this is AIX?
> > How do I get the DHCP server to reply to
> i think it can't, because our AIX support uses the BSD socket API.
> if it can, no one has donated the 'howto' to include in our README,
> or updated our includes/cf/site.conf to enable BPF, DLPI, or etc.
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