Assigning fixed and dynamic addresses via DHCP based on Option 82 and vendorclass

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sun Apr 13 15:46:03 UTC 2008

Anders Rosendal wrote:

>I have configured a "shared-network" but did not put that in the 
>config since I regarded it as given for my configuration.

We can't assume anything on this list !

>The problem is when using the proposed configuration the 
>VoIP-devices matches my classes like "as07-Fa0/1", and assigns a 
>public IP.  I would like to either add a third conditional statement 
>matching, or not matching the "voip vendor-class". Can a client 
>belong to more then one class?


>Are there a predictable order in which classes are assigned to a 
>request, or a class is mapped into a pool?


So in a case like this, where you have "class a does x, class b does 
y", then you have to make sure that the selection criteria for "a" 
and "b" are mutually exclusive if you want "x" and "y" to be.

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