Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Mon Apr 14 10:37:18 UTC 2008

Andrea Bencini wrote:

>I have dhcp-3.0.2.

>I would clean dhcpd.leases file.
>For example I would delete these informations:
>lease {
>  starts 5 2008/01/25 08:24:00;
>  ends never;
>  tstp 2 2038/01/19 03:14:07;
>  binding state active;
>  next binding state free;
>  hardware ethernet 00:14:38:4a:d4:91;

Stop the server, edit the file, start the server. If you run 
failover, then you'll probably have to do this on both servers 

You can probably do this via OMAPI, but I can't tell you how as I 
don't use that myself.

If you are interested in keeping the historical connection between 
client and IP address, then you could set an expiry date instead of 
just deleting the lease. The server will automatically recover and 
re-use expired leases as required.

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