Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue Apr 15 17:59:32 UTC 2008

Andrea Bencini wrote:
>>Stop the server, edit the file, start the server.
>>If you are interested in keeping the historical connection between 
>>client and IP address, then you could set an expiry date instead of 
>>just deleting the lease. The server will automatically recover and 
>>re-use expired leases as required.
>I repeat you if I understand.
>If I have in dhcpd.leases file
>starts 5 2008/01/25 08:24:00;
>ends never;
>tstp 2 2038/01/19 03:14:07;
>Then I can do this to modify it:
>service dhcpd stop
>vi dhcpd.leases
>(change ends never in)
>ends 5 2008/04/18 08:00:00;
>service dhcpd start
>Is it ok?

Yes, that's exactly it.

As an aside, can anyone say what the single digit numbers are, ie the 
"5" in "starts 5 2008/01/25 08:24:00;" ? Just looking at the leases 
file on my home server and they are various different values, so it's 
not obvious what they mean.

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