Multiple Domains possible?

S Kalyanasundaram skalyanasundaram at
Mon Apr 21 05:04:08 UTC 2008


>I am running a Redhat Linux server running DHCP 3.01 and bind 9.2.4 I 
>was wondering if it was possible to have DHCP hand out multiple 
>domains to search through.
>Right now I use the line:
>option domain-name "e.d.c.b.a"
>in my dhcp.conf file.
>where a-e are parts of my domain. In my environment we are a 
>subdomain for a larger environment. If for example hostA is on my 
>network and I do a query it resolves fine as hostA.e.d.c.b.a. If 
>hostB in on the upper domain, my DNS server tries to resolve it as 
>hostB.e.d.c.b.a, then hands it off to alternate DNS servers but still 
>as hostB.e.d.c.b.a, not hostB.d.c.b.a. If I manually put in the 
>multiple search paths on specific machines everything works great and 
>it resolves both hostA.e.d.c.b.a and hostB.d.c.b.a. I would love to 
>have DHCP itself hand out the multiple domains, it is possible?

I too have a somewhat similar scenario, where all the desktop machines gets updated in for example by the dhcp server (using ddns) and all the labs  machines have a A record entry in dns (manually entered)
in the domain

If suppose the user is trying to resolve his desktop simply with the host name "user1" it adds and resolve successfully 
but if he tries for lab machine "labnode1" it tries, instead how to make it to search in also?

If I keep multiple "option domain-name" the latest one is taken.

Is there a solution for this?

Thanks in advance,

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