Support for DHCPV6 and CCC options for PacketCable 1.x Devices

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On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 04:17:50PM +0200, Marcus Goller wrote:
> option space docsis code width 2 length width 2;

bleah, i still don't like how this reads, but i'm not sure how to
do this syntax otherwise.

> option vsio.docsis code 4491 = encapsulate docsis;
> option docsis.ccc code 2170 = {integer 16, integer 16, ip-address, integer
> 16, integer 16, ip-address};
> option docsis.ccc 1 4 2 4;
> There are probably better ways, but that might get you started.

you should be able to treat the ccc option as yet another layer of

	option space ccc code width 2 length width 2;
	option ccc.first code 1 = ip-address;
	option ccc.second code 2 = ip-address;

	option docsis.ccc code 2170 = encapsulate ccc;

	option ccc.first;
	option ccc.second;

vsio->docsis is only one layer of indirection, it's possible there is
a bug when there are more than one layer.  it's supposed to work, but
we've found quite a few corner cases already testing configs like

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