DHCP client how to make it pose as windows dhcp client

Arup Malakar amalakar at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 21:41:34 UTC 2008

>On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 3:26 PM, Lars Jacobsen <lars-jacobsen at newmail.dk

> >> Have you tried releasing the IP form Windows before requesting IP from
> >> Linux.

I tried  releasing the IP from windows before requesting fomr Linux, but no

Can you install a packet sniifer on WIndows, eg Wireshark, and look at
> what gets sent and received in the DHCP packets? Then do the same for
> Linux.

I used ethereal both in windows and linux to see what  is the request that
is being sent to the server. If anybody is interested the ethereal capture
files both for windows/linux are in http://unpublish.in/files/wimax/ . Here
is what the windows client sends in DHCP DISCOVER

53 Message Type: dhcp discover
116 DHCP auto-configuration
61 client identifier ( with mac address etc)
50 Requested ip address
12 Hostname
60 Vendor class identifier "MSFT 5.0"
55 Parameter request list
    1 Subnet mask
    15 Domain name
    3 Router
    6 Domain name server
    44 Netbios over TCP/IP name server
    46 Netbios over TCP/IP  node type
    47 Netbios over TCP/IP scope **
    31 Perform router discover
    33 Static route
    249  Classless static routes
    43 Vendor specific info

Apart from 116 DHCP auto-configuration,     249  Classless static routes and
    43 Vendor specific info I am able to set all other parameters in
dhclient.conf in Linux. But no success till now.

Few more concerns I had is may be the timeout for windows client is quite
high so in windows it receives dhcp response before timing out but the linux
client times out and dies.

The avahi daemon in ubuntu seems to configure the network in case of failure
in dhcp and it screws things up. I have stopped the service,  kept both my
wired as well as wireless network interface in roaming mode. But still a
eth0:avahi interface is created with some default ip address. I am not sure
if this is causing some problem.

Otherwise one solution might be to use a Windows machine with Internet
> Connection Sharing as a gateway for the Linux machines.

I don't have a spare windows box which I can configure as a gateway.

Arup Malakar
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