ISC.ORG DHCP Server Option 82 - Use Circuit ID to assign fixed IP address

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed Apr 30 06:26:10 UTC 2008

Ryan Zierden wrote:

>My Question is:
>How do configure ISC.ORG dhcpd.conf file to assign fixed-address 
>based on the circuit ID information as opposed to the MAC-ID.

You will find this discussed many times in the mailing list archives. 
Apart from the method given by Anders, there was a plan to allow the 
admin to override the client key selection.

At the moment, the primary key is 
pick-first-value(client-id,hardware). There was a plan, and I believe 
it's back in the roadmap, to allow the admin to override this - so 
you could change it to include option-82. Together with reserved 
leases, this would give you fixed addressing based on Circuit ID.

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