DHCPd Random Lease Times

Dermot Williams dermot.williams at irishbroadband.ie
Wed Apr 30 09:09:50 UTC 2008



We've come across an odd issue on our DHCP servers whereby one of the
peers in a failover pair gives out addresses with seemingly random lease
times. Both peers are configured with a default lease time of 7200
seconds and a max lease time of 7200 seconds.


The only thing that I can identify that might be the source of the
problem is the fact that the server that's giving out these random lease
times is running version 3.0.3 and the other server is running 3.0.4.


Would anyone be able to shed any light on what might be causing this odd
behaviour? Is it some weird interaction between the two versions of
software? Or should we be looking elsewhere for answers?


I'd appreciate any help that you guys might be able to give me.


Dermot Williams

Senior Network Engineer

Irish Broadband Internet Services Ltd.


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