How do I opt out of a global setting for a single segment??

Rob Tanner rtanner at
Wed Apr 30 23:29:09 UTC 2008

I was doubtful, but I tested it and it certainly does work.

I'm curious if anybody should know, is it the dhcp server that sees the and so doesn't provide the WINS settings or is it the PC that 
sees the and simply ignores it?

Chuck Anderson said the following on 04/30/2008 03:01 PM:
> On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 02:37:47PM -0700, Rob Tanner wrote:
>> I have a "option netbios-name-servers nn.nn.nn.nn" set at the top of my 
>> dhcpd.conf (before any subnets are defined) file so that every subnet uses 
>> that address.  But now I have one subnet that we want to exclude netbios 
>> from entirely.  Is there something like a "no option netbios-name-servers" 
>> parameter that I can use to disable the  netbios setting in that one 
>> subnet?
> I've done this:
> option netbios-name-servers;

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