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abhijit khadatare anks030 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 06:19:37 UTC 2008

hello everyone,
        Our scenerio is like this

client------------------------->switch relay--------------------->isc dhcp

switch ip= <>
dhcp server=<>
relay is on with giaddr zero,so switch insert opt 82 frame in dhcp packet
with giaddr zero. When client have ip <>
server send NAK frame to client in which opt 82 frame is not present ,
however when giaddr is nonzero server send NAK frame with opt 82
Our aim is that when giaddr is zero but opt 82 present & server send NAK
then it should contain opt 82 within the frame .how can we do this??
when giaddr is non-zero & opt 82 is present then how server give NAK with
opt 82
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