Seeking advice on migratrating leases from 1.0.2 server to 3.0.3 servers

Shannon Cooper shannon.cooper at
Mon Dec 1 23:19:31 UTC 2008


I am quite new to dhcpd, so advance apologies if posting this in the wrong

We are looking to decommission an old failing server that has dhcpd 1.0.2
installed, and replace it with two newer servers, pre-built with 3.0.3.
This old server services several large subnets, with large numbers of static
assignments and leases (close to 4,000).  Our desire is to split the subnets
across the two newer servers, whilst retaining all current assignments and

One smaller subnet was migrated to one of the newer servers earlier this
year, however, it was done one PC at a time.  This was labour intensive.  We
do not believe that migrating the remaining leases in this fashion is
plausible, simply due to the numbers.  It has been discussed within our
group that copying leases data from the old server to the new servers will
be enough to retain all leases.  This was tested in an isolated lab-like
environment using one PC.  It worked, but due to the scale of the test, it
is unclear if this a reliable method.

So, my question is: Can we simply copy leases data from the older server to
the newer servers, and retain all current leases?

And lastly, looking on the website, I see that 3.0.3 is a dated
release.  Whilst it hasn't been discussed within the group, I suspect that
we'd investigate upgrading.  However, not until after migration is complete.

Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.


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