ISC DHCPv6 Relay Agent

John Jason Brzozowski jjmbcom at
Thu Dec 4 18:17:36 UTC 2008

I am kicking the tires on the ISC DHCPv6 Relay Agent, here is my scenario:
client -> relay -> (link0) router (link1) -> server

The client and relay are ISC and on the same link.

A router stands between the client/relay and the server.

I wish to use the relay which is local to the client which has only one
interface to relay DHCPv6 traffic to the server on a different link.  The
syntax for the relay agent is not crystal clear to me.  I looking all over
the place for examples and even perused the code a bit.  Hitting the list
now to see what sort of feedback I might get

Here is what I used to try and start the relay agent.

The relay agent did not even start using the below:

./dhcrelay -d -l eth0 -u 2001:558:ff10:8a0:10:252:24:82

This usage does not make sense nor does it do anything:

./dhcrelay -d -l eth0 -u eth0

Wondering if there is a way to tell the relay agent to listen for traffic on
interface X and relay or forward traffic to interface Y or IPv6 address(es)?

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