FW: ARPCHECK not done in dhclient-script V3.0 and higher

Jeroen Steenhuis (Telezorg BV) jeroen.steenhuis at telezorg.nl
Fri Dec 5 10:45:59 UTC 2008

Can someone give me more information about my earlier asked question below?

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Subject: ARPCHECK not done in dhclient-script V3.0 and higher


All versions from 3.0 doesn't support an arp check before accepting the DHCP offer as described in RFC 2131.

This is cause the function calling the dhclient-script with xARPSEND and xARPCHECK was removed from the source code and later also from the dhclient-script.

Why does the current dhclient (-script) not use an arping as described in RFC 2131?

Kind Regards,

Jeroen Steenhuis

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