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Wed Dec 17 15:33:55 UTC 2008


I am trying to write out an info file rather then parsing the  leases file that contains the ip address of the DHCP server identifier.  We are going to have a bunch of script that use this info and we want to be able to easily source it.  But I  can't seem to find the right variable name or documentation on it.  I took a look at dhclient-script but don't see it in there so I was wondering if someone here knows it.

I tried a couple of guesses but no luck.  I do see that "test" is written out to the file so I know that it is running the exit hooks.

echo test  >> /etc/sysconfig/info.conf
if [ -n "${DHCP_SERVER}" ]; then
        echo "dhcpsid=${DHCP_SERVER}" >> /etc/sysconfig/info.conf
if [ -n "${DHCPSID}" ]; then
        echo "DHCPSID=${DHCPSID}" >> /etc/sysconfig/info.conf

Thanks for your help.

Jolynn Schmidt

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