a peer of the failover servers holds all free leases

li jun li-jun-a at hdsc.hitachi-displays.com
Sun Dec 21 08:59:01 UTC 2008

Dear all

I setup two dhcp server with failover(ver:3.10).There is a problem occurs
e.g. there are 30 ip to allocate to client.
20 ip has been allocated,10 left.however,when a client boot up and  requests
a ip, the primary 
server said:"peer holds all of the free leases" &"free 0 ,backup 10".
I guess these messages mean  all the 10 left  ip are holded by the secondary
server,In the circumstances,
if a client send a request to  the primary server,the primary server could
offer no ip.
But why  clients do not send request to the secondary server which holds 10
free leases?
Why each of the two servers does not balance with the other?
Is this a bug of the isc-dhcp?
Could some one kindly tell me the way to cope with it?
Thanks in advanced 


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