option 82 logging error

Marc Perea marccp at srttel.com
Thu Dec 11 17:22:37 UTC 2008

Hi Bruce,
I'm also using 3.1.1 on Solaris 10. I don't believe that I have a rogue device, but I'll take a look and do some packet sniffing to verify. I'll post the raw sniff of those errored requests after I obtain them. I'm no expert on option spaces, but I think I get the gist of what you're saying, so the sniff should identify what options are being sent and how they are formatted.

Marc Perea
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>>> Bruce Hudson <Bruce.Hudson at dal.ca> 12/11/2008 10:35 AM >>>
>   if exists agent.circuit-id {
>       log(info, concat (
>		binary-to-ascii(10,8,".",leased-address),
>		,option agent.circuit-id)
>       ));
>   }
> Dec 11 08:34:15 isg-dhcp dhcpd: [ID 702911 daemon.error]
>    parse_option_buffer: option <unknown> (808464737:50) larger than buffer.

    I suspect your problem is some type of rogue device on your network
that is sending out "agent" options that are not encapsulated sub-option
spaces. When the server attempts to parse the "agent" option to see if the
"circuit-id" sub-option exists it finds a bogus sub-option number and a
length greater than the size of the "agent" option. The option number you
are getting (808464737) translates to "30303161" in hex or "001a" in

    However, it is extremely odd that you are getting a 4-byte option
sub-option number. What version of the server are you running? According
to my 3.1.1 server:

		agent_universe.get_tag = getUChar;

This means you should only be seeing 1-byte option tags. 
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