ISC DHCP server offers fixed IP addresses to ANY device!

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Wed Dec 31 20:24:55 UTC 2008

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 01:31:43PM -0600, Foggi, Nicola wrote:
> We have a recurring problem with reserved leases, and i'm no coder, but i had one of our guys take a look at it and we narrowed it down to this:
> mdb.c - line 1054 - the case FTS_FREE and FTS_BACKUP
> were causing:
> "Lease with binding state free not on its queue"
> "Lease with binding state backup not on its queue"

I thought we already committed a fix for this.  A silly oversight in
one of those matrices, like you say.  I'll have a look to make sure
it's fixed in current maint branches.

> we do have "one-lease-per-client true;" set but I'm guessing that doesn't check against reserved leases?

All that'll do is return the other-leases to free state (implying a
Release, so it gives up any DNS bindings etc).  It doesn't cause the
server to NAK, which is really what you're after.

> a CLI like rndc would be great, one feature would be able to pre-create a lease that was reserved, so let's say printer/client is moving from network x to network z, we could pre-create the lease in network z and set it to reserved so when the printer/client moves the lease is already reserved.  we've used and abused omshell as a way into omapi and it's solved a lot of our problems, but it definitely could use an overhaul, and if i had any coding skills i'd definitely help out, maybe I can find a grad student looking for a project!

I'm thinking it would be great for the tool to have an output format
that is machine parseable.

	rndc-alike xml fetch lease | stuff | \
	rndc-alike xml store lease

Take a lease state, filter it for your purpose, assign the changes.
perhaps you'd fetch one lease, and assign the same values to a
different lease trivially with no filter.

This kind of thing is a pretty BOLD FACED front line item in terms of
our software's "look and feel", we have some pie-in-the-sky kind of
vision things we'd like to fit in, and we want to try and become more
consistent with our other products (BIND) this is probably not
something we can give a grad student, and we'd probably have to make
a lot of changes to donated patches.

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