Specify proxy web into dhcp ?

Glenn Satchell Glenn.Satchell at uniq.com.au
Fri Feb 1 12:39:40 UTC 2008

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>Subject: Specify proxy web into dhcp ?
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>it's possible to sent the proxy address and port in dhcp ?
>thanks bye
I've had this in my dhcpd.conf for a long time. Seems to work well with
IE, Mozilla and Firefox.

# Windows systems accept the WPAD option for setting up their proxy server
# (Autodetect proxy settings):
# (According to Ted Lemon, "text" will get the Microsoft
# NUL termination bug heuristic applied, and "string" won't!
option wpad-curl code 252 = text;
option wpad-curl "http://proxy.example.com/proxy.pac\000";

And the definitive details on what goes in proxy.pac can be found here:


I also remember reading a MS knowledge base article on the different
settings IE will take to automatically set the proxy. But the abpve
should be enough to get you going.


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