DHCP Server on an Wireless Bridge

Vincent Arniego vincent_arniego at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 5 10:27:46 UTC 2008

Hi Everyone,

I have implemented a network that is similar to this post

and this one

I already posted on the dhcp-hackers ML but I thought of posting here as well.

And I read the replies, unfortunately it's true that it is possible.
The MAC of the packet from the PC is changed by the MAC of bridge.

I checked this by ARP on the DHCP server side and it changes.
The CHADDR field of the dhcp packet is different from the ARP reply.

I think there's no way I can use the dhcpd.conf to get that MAC.
I browsed the man pages of dhcpd, dhcp-options and dhcp-eval
and looks like a dead end.

Someone at the first post above mentioned an option 82, but for now I am assuming its not supported.
I'm open to changing the dhcpd code, but I'm just wondering if its possible to get the MAC Address inside the dhcp code or conf.

I saw a function in common/dhcp.h called get_hw_addr
also a struct hardware inside the struct packet.

I'm just wondering what data are these two getting and if its possible to use these to address my problem.

Cheers Everyone!
Vincent Arniego

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