Watching performance on a DHCP Server

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Date: Monday, February 11, 2008 11:21:01 AM
> Blake Hudson wrote:
>> rapidly (keeping IP pool usage as low as possible). The main
>> advantage to longer lease times being load on the DHCP server. If I
> Load?
> Isn't that only really an issue when you have a lot of clients (1000+
> or 10000+)?
> Olaf
You may want to review the thread from the beginning. My network 
currently has 10,000+ DHCP clients (and I plan on accommodating double 
that within the lifetime of this server). I have a beefy server (4x 
3.0GHz Xeon, 2x 15k RAID1) and it was only able to reliably handle 10 to 
20 4-way discover handshakes a second, 2-way handshakes were maybe 
double or triple those numbers. When pounded by DHCP requests, it's 
possible that even less are processed in a timely manner due to 
collisions, timeouts, etc.

The potential convergence time concerns me if there were an enterprise 
wide prolonged outage. Increasing the lease time means less leases 
processed on a regular basis (not as much of a concern) as well as 
reducing the need for a 4 way handshake and being able to use a 2 way 
handshake if a prolonged outage occurs (my main concern I'd like to 

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