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Tue Feb 19 10:16:31 UTC 2008

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>Subject: Re: third server
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>> i got a third location where I want to build up a DHCP-server.
>> My question is: Is it possible, that one server is the failoverpartner for 
more than one server?
>> So would it be possible that the DHCP-servers in location 1 and location 2 
have both the same failoverpartner, the server in location 3?
>Absolutely. One server can have several failover sessions - towards
>different servers, or even towards the same server if that is useful.
Each failover pool can only have two servers, but you can have more
than one failover pair. So for example pool X can have servers 1 and 2,
pool Y can have servers 2 and 3, pool Z can have server 1 and 3.

I have also set up a star-type setup with one central server pairing
with a local server in each site. Each of the site dhcp servers is a
server for only the local pool, but the central server is a partner for
all pools.

To set it up requires multiple failover peer definitions.


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