modem configuration file question

Cheng Ching-Ho-LCC014 Ching-Ho.Cheng at
Fri Feb 22 13:31:36 UTC 2008

Hi Glenn,

We have tried this but it did not work.  Is there any other way to
achieve the use of separate configuration file in different subnet ?


Chhing-Ho Cheng

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>Subject: modem configuration file question
>Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 07:31:46 -0500
>I have a global setup for all the subnets to use a specific modem 
>configuration file:
>option docsis cablelabs-configuration-file "basic.bin"
>I would like to setup the ISC DHCPv6 server to use a separate modem 
>configuration file "basic1.bin" in a specific subnet.  How do I do that

>subnet6 2001:200:101::/64 {
>    range6 2001:200:101::/64;
>    ......
>Ching-Ho Cheng
>Motorola CHS
>Phone: 508-786-7522

Override the global option in the subnet definition

# this is global configuration space
option docsis cablelabs-configuration-file "basic.bin";

subnet6 2001:200:101::/64 {
    range6 2001:200:101::/64;
    # this overrides global for this subnet
    option docsis cablelabs-configuration-file "basic1.bin";


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